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Just For Laughs: Black History as a Meme

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Once again, today’s post is inspired by a Facebook status on my feed and the responses to it, that indicate that this is more than just jokes, but a symptom of a much bigger problem.

My friend’s full status, as posted below:


I don’t know about some of yall….but I’m getting a little offended by all of these “The 1st black person to…..”! Really…..why poke fun at our own expense? That’s why OUR youth don’t know their TRUE history!!!! We’re right along with the schools taking it from them, instead of teaching them. How about right now today I’ll be the 1st black woman to say……cut it out! Nothing funny about these post! But some of yall with these same post are quick to say they don’t respect us…….why don’t YOU. try respecting us 1st……geesh and to wonder why our children are mislead and misguided……we’re their leaders. So lead and not follow the crowd!


Now, in case you haven’t seen these memes, think of the more popular “niggas/bitches be like” memes in circulation over the last few weeks.

Now add in a picture of older generations of blacks, false name and a falsely attributed comedic reference to modern-day black pop culture (ex: “Isaiah Freeman, 1st to put that shit on everything he loves”)

…and on from there, ranging from the humorous to obscene to the you-tried-too-hard to the okay, seriously?

If you Google any of these, I’m sure that there would be a host of images you’ll find under “black history month 1st meme”.  

I did and I was saddened after about 5 minutes of clicking.

The point is this: there are more people who I’m friends with posting these humor memes than ACTUAL BLACK HISTORY FACTS AND FIGURES.

This indicates to me and to anyone else who is less familiar with black people and culture that we don’t take our culture seriously.  

We don’t take our history seriously.  We don’t take our ancestors sacrifices, their trials and triumphs, their coming here in chains and contributing to and improving every aspect of what we now know as modern America–

We don’t take ourselves seriously. 

So how the hell can we ask any other culture to take us seriously?  

To respect our culture and the things that we celebrate?

To not dismiss Black History Month as a token gesture for us to celebrate our history during and then for the other 11 months of the year, we are largely ignored?

The people who will defend this as “oh, it’s just jokes” and “oh, it’s funny”, try letting one of your white classmates or co-workers pop one of these up on their feed and see how you feel about it.

Apparently, we are the only ones that can make fun of our history, and it’s actually kind of funny how far people will go to defend that right.

But never mind the fact that people died for the right for us to even be recognized and accepted in the first place.

Or the fact that despite this started as a week in February and is now a month just gives us longer to CELEBRATE us instead of more room for jokes ABOUT us.

If we are taking our history as a joke, imagine the precedent this sets for the ones who are coming up behind us.

The reason I wrote this today, ironically, was not just for fun.  Or, for the people who know better.

It’s for those who don’t.

I’m out.


Written by aceviewblogger

February 12, 2013 at 3:53 pm

2 Responses

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  1. […] said in February that I was sick of the memes that made fun of black history.  And the ‘niggas/bitches be like’ of the same genre. […]

  2. Tell it like it is ship!


    April 22, 2013 at 8:46 pm

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