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Parallels: On South Africa’s ‘Boasters’ culture

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In my last entry, I wrote about the lack of education for the newest generation of young African-Americans that has led to the point where referencing the death of a black teen in Jim Crow-era America is actually considered fair game/a “hot line”/acceptable;

…when I stumbled upon another disturbing trend that might explain exactly what kind of generational gap we’re dealing with.  Not just as African-Americans or Africans, but as black people.

See, young black people in America aren’t holding exclusive membership in the “too far removed from the struggle” club.

It extends all the way down to South Africa, former home of apartheid and one of the places in the world where people who were children, teenagers, and young adults who grew up in the struggle for freedom in their own country now get to watch their children and grandchildren do this.

The link above comes courtesy of, which did a profile on a group of South African teens.  The narrative follows the group as they spend extravagant amounts of money on clothing, electronics, liquor, and rented vehicles, among other things, on what seems to be an average weekend afternoon–only to destroy said items in the most creative of ways in a bizarre display of wasteful wealth.  

From the article:

In township slang, these children are known as izikhotane (the boasters). In recent years, they have become a huge social phenomenon as they gather in their hundreds – even thousands – at parks dressed in their expensive outfits.

At these gatherings, loud music blares while the children dance and often ruin – or even destroy – their clothes and shoes, stripping them off and pouring custard on them and rubbing them into the ground to show off and pretend to be rich.


This would be wasteful under any circumstances, but when you consider that these are the descendants of South Africans who were once regarded as ‘kaffirs’ (niggers) under European colonialism, once again–say it with me–in their own freakin’ country, only to turn and spend their parents back into poverty while simultaneously giving the money back to white merchants who will take and put that money back in their own communities, not theirs–

–it’s enough to make you question if this is a problem about young people in general not knowing their history, and not just here in America.

The generational divide must be great and growing rapidly for us to tolerate similes in hip-hop involving dead black teenagers killed at the hands of angry whites.  It must be non-existent when about 20 years ago, people stood in line for days to vote in the country’s first democratic election–and elected a jailed revolutionary–and now, they’re destroying material things to show wealth.

I can’t explain it.  I just know that we have to make it a point for our youth to learn about where they came from so that they never, ever forget it.  Even many, many years removed from the actual event.  

And in case you were wondering, they have a Facebook page.


I’d be done writing, but I have more.  So there.




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February 26, 2013 at 5:15 pm

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