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I took a couple days off from updating this blog because, as someone mentioned to me in my Facebook inbox, it’s kind of a downer when you have a blog dedicated to minority issues and with a focus on black communities across the world and there is never any positive news to report on.

Well, there is.  The Doc McStuffins entry from a couple weeks ago drew a few interested readers and probably some kids who were looking for what time the show came on, but I digress.

The bigger point is that for every tragic thing that I choose to write about, there is a positive story that I’m not writing about.  And so I’ve made a point to include at least one thing per week that is, indeed, positive.  Even if the situation that produces it is far and away negative.

So, in the wake of 6-month old Jonylah Watkins being shot five times and murdered in Chicago, there seems to be a silver lining to this awfully dark cloud.

Chicago Bulls star point guard Derrick Rose has reportedly offered to cover the funeral costs of the little girl.

And apparently, this isn’t the first time he’s done such a thing.

Which brings to mind how rapper Lupe Fiasco started a trending topic on Twitter a few months ago (y’know, before Rose tore his leg up and the Bulls playoff hopes went to shit) with the hashtag #SmellTheRoses, a Chuck Norris-esque list of sayings dedicated to the legendary level at which Rose is already playing basketball.

What’s even better is that as good of a basketball player as he is, he appears to be an even greater person.  By providing a positive to such a city where such negativity seems to be bred in the streets, and so many leave and never look back unless there is some kind of incentive–

–it gives the phrase “smell the roses” a different meaning that I don’t think Lupe had in mind when he got onto Twitter.

We take a lot of time to pay attention to the things that our athletes do on the court or field.  But Dwayne Wade donating funds to keep a library open is overlooked and a footnote.  Derrick Rose’s career will be a legendary one, but unless we shine the light on these things of note that show their character and measure them as great men when they aren’t handling a ball, they will continue to go unnoticed.

And so, while fans in the city where he was born and raised, the league, and people around the world await him to step back onto a basketball court in uniform, I’m asking all of us to pause, for a second.

If you know of someone who is doing good in this world to balance out the hurt that this world can bring us, thank them.

So thank you, Derrick Rose.  And get well soon.  (But take your time.  Pleeeease.)

For the rest of you, take a moment to stop and #SmellTheRoses, and appreciate the good that there is out there.


Written by aceviewblogger

March 14, 2013 at 4:24 pm

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