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Jasiri X Responds to Rick Ross.. Teams Up w/ Brother Ali About Pillars

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A nice continuation to the Rick Ross piece from the other day–

Jasiri X is one of the few left.

More tomorrow.

Davey D's Hip Hop Corner

Jasiri X Know thyselfPittsburgh rapper and activist Jasiri X has been on fire… His new album Ascension is  masterpiece spawning several videos which are on point and inspiring.. The music is soulful.. The subject matter is thoughtful.. He’s also been focusing on subject matter that takes you deeper terrain then we normally travel in Hip Hop, but has been rooted in a tradition of African-American music ala Afrika Bambaataa, George Clinton and Sun-Ra before him.. He’s been talking about life and times beyond our  earthly dimensions as well as religion…Cuts like Wheels best illustrate this.. The videos to the song Pillars featuring Brother Ali also touch in that direction..

Yesterday we sat down w/ Jasiri X and Interviewed him… here’s our Breakdown FM Intv

Check out the videos below..

Jasiri X has also been keeping his shoulder to the grind as an activist.. Him and his partner Paradise Gray from…

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