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N*ggas in Cuba

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Jay: “It’s a 12-megapixel camera. …What? These tickets weren’t cheap…”


For all that goes on in the world, and is currently going on in the world, there are a couple of non-issues that some people are way too happy to fight.

And yes, I have been guilty of this at times.

But that doesn’t mean that I don’t’ notice when something is being blown way out of proportion.  

Like the story over Jay-Z and Beyonce going to Cuba for their five-year wedding anniversary.  

I normally wouldn’t write about it at all, because I feel like as citizens of a free country, you should be able to go and travel wherever you please, so long as you’re not engaging in any fuckery while you’re there that you can’t engage in here.

More on that in a second.

But because Cuba is a country that is pretty much in the same boat as North Korea and China (Brokedown Palace is still a terrifying movie, if you haven’t seen it, watch) in terms of being viewed as the antonym of democracy (i.e., communism), anyone who even goes there as a tourist is immediately frowned upon.

So there is this: I think that it’s more of a problem because of who they are, and how seriously the rest of the world takes them.

The reason I say this is because in the past few years, black people like the Carters–with any type of voice, charisma, power or financial status are instantly branded with having ties to the mysterious Illuminati.  

Let’s not forget that before that, it was being linked to communism that was the scarlet letter for black celebrities and people of status.

And note I said black celebrities and people of status, as you might have noticed Dennis Rodman going to North Korea and pretty much becoming a punchline after the fact.  It’s because despite his best efforts, nobody really takes Dennis Rodman seriously.  And he probably has more money than me, but who doesn’t? that still isn’t enough money for anyone to be threatened by.

No, the problem is that someone with status went to visit a place where we don’t agree with their rules and policies, and how they treat their citizens.  And therefore, that worries people who think for a second that hey, what if they become influenced while they’re over there?

‘Cause, y’know, communism is contagious.  Can’t have the second most famous black couple come back from traveling and try to redistribute the wealth.

(This sounds a bit ridiculous, but come on.  There’s a reason why the government kept files on celebrities as long as they did back in the early formation of the FBI and CIA.  They influence the people.  I mean, imagine if Jigga went to Cuba and had an experience like Snoop in Jamaica and came back talking about, I saw the ghost of Che, he told me to get it how he did?)

Where do we draw the line with who gets to go where?  And why are we the ones who get to draw it?

I don’t see the U.S. government restricting travel to places like Amsterdam, where a lot of drugs are now legal for open use–but it could harm our citizens.  Y’know, ’cause drugs are bad.

Or, how about restricting or banning travel to countries where, say, child sex trafficking is not only rampant, but is often given the blind eye treatment?

There are a bunch of other examples that could be given, but it makes me question what some people deem worth a Congressional investigation when, in the meantime, we’re still discussing issues like this.

Or, this.  Or this here.

Point is, we live in the biggest glass house on Earth and we don’t appear to be running out of stones anytime soon.


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