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Michelle and the Heckler: On Black Women and Respect

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So I woke up this morning with at least five different topics bouncing around in my head—all of which, mind you, will be written about in due time—but my social media timelines were going nuts with the news that Michelle Obama had basically done something that (some) white people were offended by.

Demanding respect, apparently, is the new black.

In case you haven’t heard the audio of the “confrontation” (I put that in quotes for a reason, I’ll explain in a few paragraphs), go here.  Also, feel free to thank Luvvie for the hilarious Barack door-kicking GIF or the Michelle picture at the bottom.  Or both.  Either way, I’m thinking of getting a T-shirt made with both, if possible.

I digress.

Apparently, to paraphrase Young Jeezy, my President is Black, and a lot of white folks are blue.

What spurred me to write this is the attitude that some of us are taking towards how the whole situation was handled, and the reaction of said heckler Ellen Hurtz.

Let’s start with the latter, first, since it reeks of white privilege:

In what world would YOU pay $500 to go to an event for the sole purpose of interrupting someone who is speaking, to argue with them over a topic that is not being discussed as the actual issue, and then have the audacity to be “taken aback” at the nature of their response to you?

Let’s take it a step further.  How do you have the nerve to be taken aback, at all?  Weren’t you the one who was being rude?  And then was surprised that you got called out for being rude?

Hurtz, don’t it?

Perhaps she should have said she was taken aBLACK.

Which brings me to my next point: there really was no “confrontation” by my standards.  There was the matter of a speaker telling an audience member who was interrupting their speech that one of them would have to go, and then letting the crowd choose.

What people are making it into, though, is as if Michelle put on Vaseline and took out her earrings to fight this chick.  And it’s wasn’t like that, at all.  But I bet a lot of people wish this had happened.

It would confirm everything that people hold to be true about the stereotype that black women are angry and aggressive, for little to no reason at all.  If this had come off like a clip from Basketball Wives?   If Michelle had punctuated every syllable or word with a hand clap?  Awesome.  For those people.

And Barack would have to spend the next few years the rest of his goddamned life trying to defend his wife.

Not that she needs it.  But I digress, again.

Trouble is, demanding respect when you’re a black person—especially a black woman—can instantly make you a polarizing figure.  And what I want everyone reading this to know is that we need more of that.

We need to command respect, and not solely because of our titles, how we dress, how much money we have, etc.  All of that is fleeting and can be easily taken away.

No, we need to demand respect in situations such as this because we deserve nothing less.

And there is no need to apologize for it.

And yes, I will be writing another entry if the Obamas decide to apologize for this.

But, judging by Barack’s rolling to the press conference today to select Samantha Power (don’t know? Google her, please) to replace Susan Rice as U.N. Ambassador, I assume Mr. President is also out of fucks to give.

And to quote Young Jeezy again here, I Love It.

More tomorrow.


Written by aceviewblogger

June 5, 2013 at 5:50 pm

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