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As talented of a writer as I think I am, I can’t make this stuff up.

Where can the governor attend a parade and celebrate the Fourth of July, while a few miles away, a car can circle a grandmother and a 7-year old child and shoot him not once, but several times in the head?

Only in Chicago.

Only in the city where we celebrate hockey teams with parades and can have a discussion about hosting the Olympics with a straight face, while babies get killed in the streets blocks from where the events would have been held.

Apparently it is enough to make me start writing again here, a week earlier than I planned.

As much as I try to focus my attention on other things that make me happy, and attempt to divert my mind to more frivolous things…something always brings me back here.

And I’m never sure what it is. 

Maybe I just need a space to vent in.

Maybe I’ll vent until someone pays attention.

Maybe I’ll pull a Lupe and speak to these young brothers, not to discourage them, but to let them know that they’ve been set up to fail.

Or, maybe I’ll tell my son that in a couple of days when the defense rests and the case goes to the jury that we’re moving from one state to another that has the exact same law that gets young men like us killed.

Maybe I’ll do more than just write about what I see going around me and do something to solve these problems that I see going on around me.

Maybe I could be the one to lead us out of this hole we’ve been in so long.

Maybe I’m just dreaming…

Nah.  Because that would be too easy.

More tomorrow, if I’m allowed to keep going.


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July 4, 2013 at 10:13 pm

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