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Iota Profile #4: Mr. Monopoly

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Editor’s Note: This brother of Iota I have never met in person, but after receiving a couple of nominations with his name at the top of the list as someone I should know, I sent him a question/answer sheet and he not only was one of the first to respond (at a time where I was considering scrapping the entire feature list)—but his answers reminded me about the drive and ambition that several Iota Men—myself included—have, and how that translates into the business world.

Plus, his answer to the twenty year question is awesome and delicious all at once.  

Hey, I like daiquiris.  What can I say?

Profile #4 is about Florida businessman and aspiring billionaire Toussaint Pierre.


Please introduce yourself to the readers.

Toussaint Pierre.  [Line Name]: Da Predator, Alpha Eta Chapter (Southern A&M College and University), Spring 2007.

What drew your interest to Iota Phi Theta?

I was first introduced to Iota Phi Theta while doing my research on NPHC fraternities. At the time, Iotas were not on the yard, but I visited the website. A young lady who was pledging Delta that I was close to informed me of Iota’s presence at my University when Clifford Nichols became the first Iota that many people at Southern knew or were aware. Although the Chapter existed since 1979, it had gone through several phases and was being repopulated after a period of inactivity. Cliff set a good example on campus by commanding a presence through his actions of being involved in on campus activities, leading others whether they belonged to his fraternity or not, and being a people person. He made a strong impression on other and allowed individuals who were interested the opportunity to build an organization which filled the void of what many students thought was missing at our University. He offered the opportunity to work and build something that was more than rhetoric. An organization that was based on hard work and strong belief in doing the right thing without the spotlight [of] popularity casts on individuals who pledge.  In the end, the opportunity to build an organization that made a difference is what persuaded me.

 What is your current job title/business, and why are you in that field?

I am currently a real estate professional.  I have a Bachelor’s of Accountancy and JD from Southern University and Master’s of Law in Real Estate Development from the University of Miami.  I am currently in the Real Estate industry because it is a lucrative field that allows me the opportunity to solve problems and use my analytical skill set.

Please name one aspiration you hope to accomplish in the next 20 years.

In twenty years I hope to own several residential and commercial properties.  But my ultimate goal is to own a national chain of daiquiri shops and become a part of a select group of African-American billionaires.

How has Iota helped you in your endeavors, personal or professional?

Iota has benefited me greatly by allowing me the opportunity to develop my soft skills and leadership abilities in a non-professional environment. The skills and experiences transferred to non-fraternal activities without the pressure of losing a job or ruining others career. It also provided me with a vast network and lifelong friendships. Whether I travel to Miami, Boston, Houston, or Dallas I’ve always met good people and some like Brother Anthony Russ or Sweetheart Raquel Pena who have treated me like blood (family).

What would you say to anyone considering membership in Iota Phi Theta/Iota Sweethearts?

I would tell anyone who is considering membership to strongly contemplate why they want to join the fraternity. In my experience the largest value of fraternal life has not been stepping, partying or chasing women, but instead the life lessons learned. Many of these lessons have a cost and many individuals who are interested in pledging-in my opinion-do not contemplate what the rough times will be like or how they will handle them.  My experience has led me to believe that networks and guidance are two of the greatest assets fraternal life offers, but individuals who are interested need to strongly consider who they are associating themselves with, what that association will lead to, why they are interested, and how they plan to add to the organization as it exists-especially during hard times.


(Images courtesy of Toussaint Pierre-Facebook)



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September 20, 2013 at 4:55 pm

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  1. If u need a taste tester for those daiquiri’s, I am available! LOL


    September 20, 2013 at 7:29 pm

  2. I need to know how to make banging daiquiri’s!!


    September 24, 2013 at 1:23 pm

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