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Iota (Sweetheart) Profile #7: Queen Of All Media

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Editor’s Note: As the first Sweetheart of Iota to be featured in this space, I thought it fitting that someone who is making an imprint in the Internet world would be a great choice.  She is a brilliant blogger and talented former athlete (like myself-ha!), but unfortunately for me, this is where the comparisons end, as this young lady also has her own radio show and knows WAY more about sports than I do, according to my Fantasy Football scores in the last three weeks.)  
Though she IS a Colts fan.  I won’t hold that against her, though.  😀
With dreams of being in broadcast journalism one day in the near future, I don’t see any stopping her.
Profile #7 of the 50 Iota Men/Hearts You Should Know goes to the ambitious Terrika Foster.
Please introduce yourself to the readers.
Name: Terrika Foster.   Court Name: “GoldN’ Purfection.”  Home Chapter: Zeta Zeta (Florida Memorial University), became a Sweetheart in Fall 2002.  Current Chapter:  Alpha Epsilon Omega (Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill, NC Alumni).
What drew your interest to Iota Sweethearts?
At the time I became a sweetheart interest, the chapter at “FloMo” was still in colony status, so there was much work to be done. I saw the guys on campus posting flyers about an event they were having-and the flyers were awful (LOL)!  So I spoke to the Polaris of the chapter and asked him if wanted some assistance in making a better flyer. From there, my interest in being a sweetheart was sparked. Later, I was asked to be in a pageant the chapter was hosting and I agreed. I won first place becoming Miss Brown & Gold 2002-03, and the rest is history. 
What is your current job title/business, and why are you in that field?
I am the Associate Sports Director and Director of Marketing for the Sportzfam Media Group. I currently host a sports talk radio show -“The Gridiron Gurl”, that’s airs every Friday night from 7p-8p (EST), and I am also the Sports Blogger for  (an Internet Blog Site also created by an Iota Sweetheart). Being a former athlete, sports have always been a part of my life and I believe that even though my degree is in Political Science, Sports Broadcasting is my passion and my calling.
Please name one aspiration you hope to accomplish in the next 20 years.

In the next 20 years I plan to have my own national syndicated sports show, whether it be in radio or television… Watch out ESPN and FOX! 

 How has Iota helped you in your endeavors, personal or professional?

Iota has been a part of my professional and personal life for 10 years. Professionally, the Brown and Gold Fam has supported and encouraged my endeavors and have even helped me promote my show and blogs. There are various members of the Iota Family that are professional athletes, writers, and journalists, so networking within our field happens often. As far as a personal level, there is not enough time in the day to explain how my Iota Sweetheart Sisters and Iota Brothers have been there for me during my times of struggle and through my proud moments. When I can’t count on anyone else, I can always count on my sisters. We are truly a family. 
What would you say to anyone considering membership in Iota Phi Theta/Iota Sweethearts?
Any woman interested in being an Iota Sweetheart has to have a strong backbone! I would let her know this organization really develops you professionally and personally. Some of my best friends are sweethearts. Being in this organization  gives us an opportunity to fellowship with other women who share similar interests and a bond that no one can understand. Not many can understand how a group of women can play a behind the scenes role to a fraternity and never ask for credit for the part we play. But, this is why truly “It Takes A Special Lady” to be an Iota Sweetheart. We are the backbone to an amazing group of men. I would assure her that the 10+ years I have spent in this organization working in my community, gaining new networking opportunities, fellowshipping, and helping my brothers continue in “Building A Tradition…” have not gone in gain and that I wouldn’t trade them for anything!   
Check out Terrika’s show on Sportzfam Radio Network every Friday from 7-8p (EST) at . You can also check OWt her personal page on and like her Fan Page on Facebook, Tee Nichelle “The Gridiron Gurl” of Sportzfam Radio.

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September 24, 2013 at 11:18 am

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  1. Aww Get it Sis #ORDA!

    Whitney SuchaHoot Hamilton

    September 24, 2013 at 12:28 pm

  2. Great piece and well deserved..


    September 24, 2013 at 1:16 pm

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