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Iota (Sweetheart) Profile #10: Faith Walker

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Editor’s Note: When I asked for nominations for this feature and decided to include Sweethearts, I expected to see this lady’s name near or at the top of the list, as she is probably one of the most well-known in the Midwest Region, as well as very active and involved in discussions on improving the family on Facebook.

What I didn’t expect, aside from her prompt response to the questions (hers was one of the first I received back; I’ve been holding on to this profile for a while!)—was the inspiring, humble, and thoughtful answers she gave to each of the questions, continuing the excellent profiles of Sweethearts so far.  Also a member of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated, she manages to represent and uphold the status of Finer Womanhood while making her Brown and Gold Family proud as an educator.)

Profile #10 features Moniqueca Long.

Please introduce yourself to the readers.

Name: Moniqueca Long.  Court name: Queen Libation.  Chapter: Alpha Rho (Illinois State University) Fall Semester, October 23, 1998.

What drew your interest to Iota Sweethearts?

As the first person to attend college in my family, I was not aware of Greek Life and Sweethearts. After I was approached to come to an Iota Heart informational, I told my college buddies. They replied, “IOTAS- THEY ARE NERDS”. I responded “Sign me up, that is my kind of crew.”

I went to the informational and was sold on the description of an Iota Heart and the rest was history.

What is your current job title/business, and why are you in that field?

My current title is Middle school Science teacher. I just changed my career from Management/Pharmacy tech for Walgreens to teaching. Why teaching? When I walked out on faith to leave Chicago to move to Dallas, I asked the Lord to lead me to a career where I can help my community and have my spiritual light shine to minister to others. After a week short of a year from my walk out on faith, I was blessed with a teaching position helping my community, and my light is shining bright.

Name one aspiration you hope to accomplish in the next 20 years.

One aspiration that I hope to accomplish is to be in a double duty leadership position, [such as] school superintendent/State administration board and on the International Board (hopefully President) for my sorority, Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated.

How has Iota helped you in your endeavors, personal or professional?

Iota has helped me personally by showing me that there are people who will help me without hanging things over my head.  I was very prideful.  I can go on and on with this…Iota is more than an organization, Iota is my family.  Professionally, Iota has been helping me from the moment that I started my court process to this present day (i.e. conducting meetings, event planning, Robert’s Rules of Order, dress codes, marketing, etc….)

What would you say to anyone considering membership in Iota Phi Theta/Iota Sweethearts?

If you are considering membership as an Iota Heart, then you are considering [a] change for the best, you are considering to have the time of your life, you are considering how it feels to be a special lady and act as such. You are considering establishing everlasting friendships that will transition into an awesome sisterhood. You are considering to take on the good and bad of people, along with giving and receiving correction. You are considering shedding your soft skin for a thicker coat, so thick that a Ginsu Knife can’t cut through. You are considering being a part of a society that no one will understand unless they are a part of it. You are considering opening your eyes and heart to a new type of love–Iota.



(Photos courtesy of Moniqueca Long-Facebook/Instagram)


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