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Iota Sweetheart Profile #18: (The) Financial Aide

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(Writer’s note: This profile is being written on the eve of the St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital Walk, to be held in various locations throughout the country tomorrow. 

At the time of this writing, Iota Phi Theta Fraternity, Incorporated has raised over $30,000.

At the time of this writing, Iota Sweetheart Sherri Bester has raised $3,690 of that total.

What kind of individual could raise 10% of all funds collected, proving that, literally and figuratively, we “Walk that Walk?”

You’re about to find out.)

Please introduce yourself to the readers.

Name: Sherri Bester.

I became a Sweetheart, Spring 1991, Sigma Chapter, Boston College.
Our line name was called ‘All as One”.  There were three men and two women, myself included.
What drew your interest to Iota Sweethearts?
Well, at the time I can honestly say I didn’t know too much about Iota. I was approached by 3 young men. They asked me if I’d be willing to help, and naturally, I asked how would this benefit me. Actually it’s funny now but, they explained the whole Sweetheart thing to me. It piqued my interest and so it began. (LOL)
What is your current job title/career?
I work for Strayer University I work in the finance department and I’ve been here for 4 years in December. I love what I do and if you ask anyone they’ll tell you that I love working with money. 
Please name an aspiration you hope to accomplish within the next 20 years.
My aspiration I want to accomplish, is to become the National Treasurer for Iota Sweethearts.
How has Iota helped you in your endeavors, personal or professional?
Iota [has] helped me with both areas. I find myself stepping up to the plate more, taking on more responsibilities in my current profession, as well as in my personal life. 
What would you say to anyone considering membership in Iota Phi Theta or Iota Sweethearts?
What I’d say to someone considering membership….well, I’d let them know that you must be willing to work, and to be involved with your community. It’s not always about the party but the message. Showing the world that we are not the average organization but, to show we will excel at being the best! I have the honor of working with the best group of women, [and] they exemplify what it means to be “Gracious Ladies”.
To donate to Iota Phi Theta’s St. Jude Walk, go here or the hyperlink above: 
(photo provided by Sherri Bester)

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