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On The Oscars and Recognizing Our Own Excellence

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As we normally do on Sunday nights, me and my wife prepare our post-toddler bedtime television viewing programs by setting reminders on the cable box.

Normally it’s whatever’s on until Walking Dead, including special programming, and then after that, news or something a little more lighthearted until bed.

A couple of weeks ago, it was the Grammys, which reminded me of what I wouldn’t be watching at all tonight.

The 87th Annual Academy Awards (or, more popularly known, the ‘Oscars’) is tonight.

And for once in several years, not one of the nominees in any of the major categories is a minority.  An all-white field is what the Academy has to choose from this year, which, judging by the makeup of the voters who decide on the awards (over 90% of the voters are Caucasian)–isn’t really a surprise.

But I’m not actually here to write about that today.

What I would rather address is why we seek this acknowledgement from others who refuse to accept us in any roles other than what they are comfortable seeing us in.

Think of it this way: without me posting a link giving away any of the answers, think of the last few black Academy Award winners and the awards given to them.

Now, think of the roles that they played.

Take it a step further and think of the last Spanish actor to win the Supporting Actor award.

Who–or what–did he play?

It has long been understood that you cannot gain acceptance from those who refuse to accept you.

So instead, perhaps we should divert the energy we spend protesting and demanding to be included in award ceremonies that were not intended to reward our talents in the first place.

And before anyone comments “well, the head of the Academy is a black woman,” might I refer you to the statue in the picture above that the Oscar statue is based on.

Putting a black face at the head of the ceremony or copying the culture does not equate to including us, at all.

Just wanted to make that clear.

In the meantime, you all let me know who wins tonight on Facebook or Twitter, because I’ll be in the middle of watching the walkers.

For now, I’m out.


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February 22, 2015 at 4:02 pm

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