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(photo courtesy of Twitter-@starsinmylocs)


So after the epicness of last night’s ‘The Wiz’ on NBC, I really have to say that I still kind of have a buzz going about the whole thing.  The conversations that I’ve had before, during and after the show aired.  The jokes and memories expressed on my social media feeds.  The shaming of anybody who tried to get in the way of the moment.

And yes, I teared up a bit when Shanice Williams sang ‘Home’.  It always gets to me.

But what really reached my heart happened the following morning, when I saw what might be one of my favorite pictures of 2015.

Ironically, I write a whole lot, but I truly believe in the saying that a picture is worth a 1,000 words.

The picture credited above comes from a Twitter user who posted an image of her daughter’s naturally curly silhouette in front of the screen, watching Uzo Aduba and Shanice Williams.  You can’t see her face, but you can sense that she is entranced–

–because she is having a moment where black women are represented on screen as living, breathing characters in a grand tale, being broadcast directly for little girls like her.

Judging by the ratings and the social media activity spike reported the following day, I am sure that she wasn’t the only one who enjoyed the show.

But this is a firm reminder as to why representation of different characters and diversity in programming is so important to the self-esteem of youth that are often underrepresented.

I am reminded of Whoopi Goldberg’s story of watching Star Trek as a child and seeing Lt. Uhura (played by Nichelle Nichols), over half a decade earlier–and her saying that this let her know that there were no limits to what she could do, even as a young black girl growing up in the midst of Jim Crow-era America.

And now, the little girl in front of her television, gazing at this amazing retelling of this story that was created because blacks weren’t getting roles or chances to tell their story–will be able to tell her story many years from now about the day that she realized that there were no ceilings for her, either, no matter how many limitations society may try to place on her.

As jaded and cynical as we have become over the last few months and years, this photo gives me hope.

It shows me that, even if just for a night, we could all come together, laugh, joke, shed tears of joy and remember those that gave us the original (movie AND play), still enjoy a remake of a classic–and show our children that it is indeed possible to “Believe In Yourself.”


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December 4, 2015 at 10:25 pm

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