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The following will appear in numerical, manifesto-style order, because it’s the only way I’m going to get this done right now.

And I ain’t editing nothing.  So bear with me.

Plus it’ll probably make for easier discussion points.

So, here we go:

  1. Over the last 6 years, my life has been changed irreparably by racism and its effects on myself, my family, my friends.  My colleagues.  My fraternity brothers and other members of BGLO’s (and, AND, members of GLO’s…but I promise I’ll get to that later)… and I am forever different because of it.

2.  Sad thing was, I was always aware that it was there, from being a kindergartener at St. Eulalia and being told that my Asian classmate’s parents didn’t want me to walk with her in our walkathon, to being told “well, you should probably wait in the car, if my parents are home” at Triton College when the rest of your newspaper staff goes into a co-worker’s house.

It never, ever left.  It was always there.

And I was fortunate enough to have parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and to an extent, a younger brother and sister, to keep me on course and show me how great of a people we were–and, are,  which I think gave me context.

I went to a predominately black grade school for most of my years, a predominately black high school for all four years.  I met teachers that would serve as examples of positive black empowerment (surprisingly, even some that were white!) and others that would serve as examples of what you might call “community cancers”.  (Another entry).

3. And then I got to Triton after suffering through a lost semester at Northern Illinois and losing my grandmother, and I started the process of becoming what I am, now.  If I ever encounter a member of Professor Willie Dixon’s family, I owe them a great debt.

Because without him, I don’t think I would have ever begun to understand the importance of not sugarcoating history and making it “audience appropriate.”

He reminded me of my grandfather, even sharing the same first name; but, more importantly, he was unapologetic and completely honest about what he was saying.  It may not have always been completely rooted in fact and sometimes opinion slipped in, but you respected the fact that he told it like it is.

This leads me to a weird conclusion that is giving me this bizarre sense of peace and calm I have had, since I went to bed last night before the results were read.  And, it is this:

4. I can respect the fact that folks appreciate that about the president the rest of the country chose yesterday.  What I can’t, in fact, tolerate, is that unlike the president-elect of these so-called United States, Professor Dixon never was an elected official.  He was a non-tenured professor at Triton who also taught at Roosevelt and had a radio show on WVON.

4a. He was not in charge of nuclear codes after asking, “why can’t we use them?” while running for office.

4b. He is not currently facing trial for rape of a teenager.

4c. His wife never plagarized her speech from a current First Lady..

4d. (Throw your own in here.  No, seriously, try it.  It’s fun)

5. He never complained about the system being rigged, unless he was winning–and, in fact, made it a point to show exactly why he was upset with white oppressors as well as black people who were complicit in said oppression.  In a lot of different classes.

I give you all of this background to fast forward ahead to where I am today, after attending school in Southern Illinois, living in middle Missouri and Northern Indiana, and now, Kentucky, and encountering differing levels and types of racism, discrimination and hatred, in general:

6. I am this way, because I was formed this way by this nation.  We were brought here by force, spread across the world and separated from our history and any sense of self.  And at least 2/3rds of the people that live in my state don’t give a fuck about that.  At all.

7.  Which brings me back to my origin story about my classmates and colleagues, and is probably why I am not prone to blame folks who didn’t vote (folks don’t vote every year, it’s accounted for in polls and stats.  They aren’t counting on those folks)–but–

–you know what I DID notice yesterday, when me and my wife went to vote?

White folks were out in droves.  Voting.

They try to keep your numbers down to increase theirs, because unless deportations start tomorrow, they’re outnumbered by 2023.  And just by Hispanics and those who claim such.

But, they would be minorities in a country they “built”.

And increase their numbers, they did.

This is the Silent Majority at work.  Hillbillies and hicks, don’t take polls, y’all.  Thought you knew.

(Hell, I’d tell you that I was voting for the opposite of what I’m doing just to mess your poll up.  But that’s me.)

I digress.

What this shows me is that there are a lot more people who will either say one thing and do a complete ‘nother behind that voting curtain.  My co-workers who want to know how my day was and think my son is adorable probably ALL voted for Trump.  (All but two I’m sure did.)  These kids on campus who I have to encounter every day.  Classmates.

Same as it’s always been.  And if you didn’t vote for him, you at least tolerated the speech and stood by and watched this build, rather than speaking out against it like you should have.  You all are just as guilty, because you see how we are treated here and choose to ignore it.

So, to be as blunt and as succinct as possible, fuck it.

This just lets me know what this is.

These elections are not made for us.  The judicial, educational, vocational system is not for us.

This country?  Not for us.

And maybe this is the wake-up call that most of you will need that I was privileged enough to get at 19 in Professor Dixon’s classroom, when I realized that this is not going to stop until we figure out who our opponent is and prepare to face off with him/them.

7. As a result, I will not recognize Drumpf as a president.  You all are about to see exactly how it feels to dishonor and disrespect a president during his tenure in office.  I also don’t believe that he’s going to make it through four years–whether that be impeachment (dude about to go on trial for rape, b.  It’s gonna go away, but there’s always more.)–or some other “black swan” event is going to jump off.

You’re looking at President Pence for about 2 years or so.  Maybe more.

If we all ain’t out fighting folks in our front yard in February, first.

8. So, I am grateful for this.  This election has laid bare the face of this country, that the majority of whites will always vote in their own best interests instead of honoring common decency and respect for humans.  And I’ve always known it.  I study history.  I’ve read it.

But, now, I’m living in it.

And, so are you.

As I said late last night, there is no more fear in me.

I believe that being prepared for whatever you think may lie ahead is the best step forward you can take.  If you are ready, it will lessen your fear and anxiety.

x. I’m going to be renaming this blog shortly, and will be holding a contest to vote on the new name.  Some fundraising initiatives will also be a part of this.  In fact, if you have a black owned business or are interested in helping with donations, contact me.

Should be fun.  😀

In the meantime?

Take some time today to decompress.  I know I will.  Don’t let any of these folks get to you, because they are going to try.  If they put their hands on you, though, please reference the teachings of brother Malcolm before the journey to Mecca.

Don’t despair too long.  We gon’ be alright.

Just get ready for whatever.


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November 9, 2016 at 10:43 am

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